Droplets plaster my scalp as my sight fuses to the shower’s sweating wall.

Asylum memories replay — transparently. Gliding steam coexists with whimsical madness. I

drop into a stranger’s contemplation, midstream, its beginning obscured, sabotaging my psyche’s compass, and my misplaced mind swarms with dyslectic street-signs. As a last resort,

a mirage falsifies resolute thoughts. My exit-strategy

goes illegible in the mist. that spreads. delicately.

The steam’s patience aggravates my jitteriness, the untouchability

crowding me. And I’m left ignored.

I dwell in garbling endlessness. A miracle evaporates. Vagueness swirls around me.

When levity wasn’t rare, I studied serenity at night school. Scarce students moseyed around the campus of a hilly, groomed forest. The halls nourished romantic knowledge, rife with passion for a changeable reality like a veteran observing his son’s harmless imagination. I held mucky happiness in my lunges, every breath blazing through misery.

I was a pupil of a patinated moon.

My soul fermented in real time.

The gallivanting public alchemized into placid fluidity,

sparking ghostly pedestrian and iridescent traffic.

Chameleonic joggers absorb the glimmers of the lakeside.

Society’s invisible, disapproval sneers boiled way with each serene stride. Demons had to crawl.

Rushing water hushes my ears into a dewy seclusion. My life dissolves into the steam. I close my eyes and enter hissing darkness. A gray oblong mutates into a demonic face, sneering at me. This lunacy shares blood with bliss.

A beastly essence pools with my unworldly being.

The abundance of tragedies collapsed into a mental black hole, pulling in mournfulness decorated with delusions.

My departed father became a good man.

As an infant I cried on his massive shoulder majestically. The shower head screeched

as the water stops, silence detectable.

I eavesdrop on my lucidness.

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